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About-Brad-CallenBrad Callen is a world renowned internet and affiliate marketer. He is self-taught in the many methods of making money online, and has been doing so for over 10 years. Brad is now well-known for all the software and services he supplies, and he is always developing something new in the background to help those who look to follow in his footsteps. His brother, Matt Callen is also a well-known in the internet marketing sector, so success obviously runs in the family.

In 2001 Brad graduated from college, and from there, moved on to work for a company in Batesville, IN, in the IT department. He does make a point of saying that he actually done little work for this company, and only remained with them around a year before moving on.

After that, Brad decided to take a look at making money on the internet, and started reading up on how to profit on Ebay. He done a lot of research into which were the best products to sell, and profit from. He was successful at this from the very beginning, making over $200 a week clear profit.

Eventually he got rather bored of packing things up, and having to go to the post office on a daily basis, and knew there must be other ways of making money online. He came across his next bit of success with some luck. He bought an eBook and contacted the author, who replied with advice on how to go about making money from internet marketing. He spent $250 on a course, and that was a lot of money to him back then. Luckily, it proved to be a very good investment.

He then wrote an eBook on weight loss, and put a site together. Having discovered that he needed back links to his site, he went about getting links from various sources, for a number of different keywords, and eventually ended up at the top of Google’s ranking. From this success he started to pull in around $3,500 worth of sales every week, and his site was getting over 20,000 visitors a day.

Since those early days, he has moved into the SEO software market, and his first venture, SEO Elite proved a massive hit, and is still one of the biggest selling pieces of software. The software helps internet marketers find keywords, and do competition analysis, and is still powerful to use even after all the Google updates.

These days Brad is responsible for a lot more software and link building services, such as Article Submitter Platinum, Affiliate Elite, Affiliate Spinner, HyperVRE, Niche Finder, Directory Submitter, SEO Link Monster, SEO Mindset, Press Release Fire and a number of others.

Brad Callen has proved again and again that he is a man to be trusted, especially when it comes to anything that is related to internet marketing and search engine optimization. He has done a lot to help many people looking to replicate what he has done, and a lot of them have succeeded.

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